Responden Mengenai Pantun Cinta Yang Bagus

Responden Mengenai Pantun Cinta Yang Bagus – the development of information and communication technology has developed very significant. From the beginning of a desktop computer that can only be used in an office that has a high power, now a desktop computer can be used in homes with small power.

And further development, was introduced with a portable computer (laptop / notebook) that can be taken anytime and anywhere without any wires semberawut. In addition to laptops, we also introduced the smart phone (smartphone) and tablet PCs with the features and capabilities are always up to date and can be used to assist the user in doing something.

In principle, this technology is to serve the information needs in a timely manner (fast), appropriate (accurate), and targeted (relevant). Meet the needs of timely information if it can be available when needed, thus requiring the speed of the process. Appropriate needs.

will be fulfilled if the information produced is thus supporting the decision-making right. While the use of such information can only be felt useful if given to the right people and really need it, so that information should also be relevant to users.

Thus, these technologies can be developed significant that occurs because of the research that is continuous and periodic testing to produce technologies that are always up to date and can be used with mudah.Oleh Therefore, we need to know what exactly is the real computer, and also the development of the computers of the early discovery of computers to development at this time.


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