Mengunakan Kata Kata Galau Dengan Perasaan Sakit

Mengunakan Kata Kata Galau Dengan Perasaan Sakit – Computers are tools used to process the data according to the commands that have been formulated. Computer word originally used to describe people whose jobs do arithmetic calculations, with or without hearing aids, but the meaning of the word is then transferred to the machine itself.

Origins, processing information almost exclusively related to arithmetical problems, but modern computers are usedfor many tasks unrelated to mathematics. (Microsoft Office, iWork,, and media players (Windows Media Player,

Broadly, the computer can be defined as an electronic device that consists of several components, which can work together between the components with one another to produce an information based programs and data. The computer components are.

Includes hardware (hardware) such as a monitor, CPU, keyboard (keyboard), mouse (mouse) and the printer(display devices). However, without a printer, a computer can still do its job as a data processor, but merely looks at the screen is not in print form.

(printout from the monitor to the paper). Not only the hardware, computer components also include software (software) such as operating systems (eg Windows, Linux, MacOSX), office software QuickTime, Winamp).


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