Prediksi Terhadap Cerpen Cinta Yang Mengharukan Dan Sedih

Prediksi Terhadap Cerpen Cinta Yang Mengharukan Dan Sedih = Pematangsiantar police station, North Sumatra (North Sumatra) dismantle the motorcycle theft syndicate (curanmor). In this case the police arrested Ambarita (25) along with three colleagues, following 21 motorcycle stolen.

In a statement Friday Pematangsiantar, AKBP Loesiono Slamet said the disclosure of the case after it was investigating a criminal offense curanmor in Jalan Sriwijaya, and managed to do it penangkapan.Saat members find a motorcycle unit of the suspect Atmo Simanjuntak. Motor was once matched, it was stolen and in accordance with the loss report. He’s fence, “said Slamet.

From the description of Atmo, motorcycles were purchased from Abeng (42), resident of Jl Asahan, Simalungun. Police then arrested Abeng and obtained recognition of the suspect stole with JB still buron.Abeng claimed, in addition to Simanjuntak, motorcycles stolen are also sold to ICUK SUGIARTO Ambarita living in Three Dolok, Simelungun. Each managed to steal, loot driven motors Tison (25) to the second fence. To convince buyers, both fencers providing false vehicle registration by way discaning. Sold at prices varying between Rp 3 million to Rp 3.5 million.

We will sell, the suspect receivers also tell the buyer if the motorcycle is the result of the pull of companies leasingSetelah got a description of the suspect, the police conducted an investigation into places motorcycles sold. A total of 19 motorcycles were recovered from Kecamatam Dolok Panribuan, Simelungun and 2 more units taken from the village of Sipahutar, Toba Samosir. Police are still developing the investigation in order to obtain new suspects and other material evidence.


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