Penanggulangan Antara Ucapan Selamat Malam Secara Nyaman

Penanggulangan Antara Ucapan Selamat Malam Secara Nyaman – Apes once the fate of Ayman Cashier (18), a resident of Sea Bajubang, Batang regency, Jambi. This teen was about to leave for work in the market place Kramat High, Muarabulian. Along the way, suddenly the bike breaking down. Apparently, Aiman motor fuels run out. Aiman was pushing the vehicle.

A short time later, three policemen came over. They ask about motorcycle driven Aiman.Saya not believe it if they police. Then I asked them to show a membership card (KTA). But instead shows a membership card, I actually mugged use firearms, “said Aiman told reporters.

Teens who participated martial arts college is also resistance. He was behind menyerang.Tidak show membership card, instead I armed robbery using a firearm. Lest those who want to seize this robber motorcycle. Yes I defend themselves and attack them, “added Ayman.

Under attack, three policemen turned out to be members of Buru Sergap (Buser) is directly immobilize and handcuff Aiman. The warriors of this juvenile was taken to the district police headquarters Batang.

“Around 4 o’clock in the morning I was taken to the police station, put in a holding cell, and I was beaten up by police,” said Aiman as he showed a number of injuries on his body.


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