Pemahaman Cerpen Lucu Secara Singkat Dan Menarik

Pemahaman Cerpen Lucu Secara Singkat Dan Menarik – Several hours later, Ayman’s father came to the police station and showed correspondence Batang motorcycle Aiman. Because there is no evidence that the motorcycle is the result of theft, Aiman released.

Do not accept the arrest and alleged beating suffered by his son, Ayman’s father plans to sue the police. Invisible Criminal Police Ghulam Nhabi Batang AKP states arrests its members have been appropriate procedure.

“Initially, there were reports from residents to the police station that is suspicious of teenagers driving a motorcycle at 3 in the morning. People were suspicious that she saw was a thief who was carrying a stolen motorcycle,” said Ghulam Nhabi told AFP on Monday (2/11 / 2015).

Buser was assigned to check the reported location to the citizens. “Officers found the man suspected of this. The officer had told him the police, but he did not believe it and then attack our members.Finally we secured to the office,” he said.

Police release Aiman because family comes indicate the motorcycle correspondence. “Because he can prove that it is truly his vehicle, then we are obliged to release it,” Aiman hit ucapnya.Ghulam denied members. Doctors have examination and found no traces of beating on the body Aiman.


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